Gift for Iraqi school children lost

In February of this year, you and I, the American taxpayer gave the Iraqi school children a gift – laptop computers, 8080 of them. But due to a clerical error they were sent to Umn Qasr, not Babil – where they were intended to go. So they sat in a ship in Umn Qasr until they went missing. The US caught up with them when 4200 of them were auctioned off in April to an Iraqi businessman. In September the auctioned computers were recovered. The remaining 3880 have not been found. I hope we take this more seriously the next time we have a chance to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi’s.

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U.S. Gift for Iraqi Students Offers a Primer on Corruption –


Orb Weaver Spider

I came across this orb weaver spider this morning. They are also called garden spiders. They have poor eyesight, but are very sensitive to vibrations of their webs.

Garden Spider

Fires in Northern Colorado

Quick burning grass fire

Do you think this fire was started by a careless act? I am not sure. Sunday morning, my friend and I drove to Loveland Water Works park (About 30 miles from my home). As we drove, we noticed an ‘baby’ fire starting to put off some smoke. We took a half hour walk, then drove home. About three hours later the small fire looked like the picture. I hope this one is contained soon.

Update: Friday, September 17th, 2010

Good News, the skies were clear this morning. Looks like the fires are out!