Neat! A full Monopoly board built using CSS Grid

I ran across this neat tweet today and wanted to share it!


Introducing VR and 360° Content for All Sites

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Virtual Reality is coming to! As of today, you can create and publish your own VR content on any site, starting with 360° photos and 360° videos (beta), and you can view regular photos and panoramas in VR. Our goal is to make publishing VR content as simple as publishing text or photos to the web — just add VR content to your site and anyone with a web browser can instantly enjoy it.

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Right brain vs Left brain thinking

Happy fourth of July! I trust everyone is doing well and having a good summer. Summer is a good time to renew and regenerate. Taking a vacation or excursion is a great way to do that. My dad and his wife recently took a vacation to Park City, and Moab Utah. They had a wonderful time.

Lately, I have been exploring right brain vs left brain. I have been trying to determine what side dominates me. Just knowing what kind of person I am, I would say that I am left brain dominate. I am a very structured thinker, always sequentially trying to solve any problem or challenge. I tend to focus on what the fact of the matter is – facts. I guess I am just a logical kind of person. However, after taking a couple of internet quizzes, I am wondering if I’m not currently a right brained thinker. I see the dancer turning clockwise – so that visual quiz said that I use more of the right brain. I also took a yes/no quiz and scored 6 for left brain dominance and 6 for right brain dominance. My mom says she is a very visual person – maybe I picked that up from her and tend to be visual also, which would make me more of a right brained thinker. I guess I am somewhere in the middle. If you are interested in finding out more about your own right brain vs left brain, below you will find some links to a few tests.

Right brain vs Left brain tests:

Can anyone identify this bird?

Can anyone identify this bird? I was out walking this morning along the Poudre River trail and came across a few black, long beaked, long legged, birds wading in some water. They were about the size of a duck and seemed to be feeding on insects in the water. It sure was fun to watch them elegantly strut around and simultaneously stretch out their neck to poke at a bit of food.

A black, long legged, long beaked, wading bird feeding in shallow water.

Lunar Eclipse

Moon Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

Did you happen to catch the total eclipse of the moon this morning? It was best seen in the western United States. It was visible in the western sky. This picture was taken when it was about 20 minutes away from totality. A few minutes later is disappeared behind the horizon and it was gone. The sun started coming up in the east, but it was still a really beautiful sight.

Totality — when the moon is completely consumed by Earth’s shadow — began at 6:06 a.m. Pacific time Saturday, and ended at 6:57 a.m. Even on the Pacific coast, dawn started to brighten the sky before the eclipse was over.

If you missed Saturday’s eclipse, there will be a partial one next June 4. There will not be a total lunar eclipse again until April 15, 2014.

Bald Eagle along the Poudre River Trail

Bald Eagle along the Poudre River Trail
Today and yesterday, along the Poudre River Trail, I spotted at least three bald eagles. They seem to hang out in one particular area near the bridge. It’s really neat to see them take off and fly, showing off their large wingspan.