Poudre River Trail, Greeley rodeo, tomato wars

I just got in from a bike ride on the Poudre River Trail, and am sitting down with my laptop and an ice tea. 1:00pm and it is already 88 degrees. Sure is a nice day.

Although the bike trail is open, I did get a little wet on my ride. There were four or five places with standing water on the path. One place was 6-8 inches deep, so my feet got wet. No sooner did I pass through that part of the path when I saw a big bull snake sitting in the middle of the trail. He was not bothering anyone, so I left him alone. The river is still running real swiftly and has not receded very much. There were several other people on the trail, so for all practical purposes, I suppose most of the trail is open. It will probably remain closed were the path goes under a bridge. The water is probably still too high in those areas.

This time of the year is rodeo time. The world’s largest 4th of July rodeo starts tomorrow, June 24th, and goes through July 4th. We will probably start to notice some of the ‘cowboys’ and their trucks and horse trailers in town. There will be a flapjack feed, nightly concerts, a carnival, a demolition derby, and a daily rodeo with the finals being won out on July 4th. The 4th of July fireworks are a neat thing to see. People park their cars within viewing distance of Island Grove Park and are treated to a pretty spectacular show. In the morning of July fourth is the parade. Sixty-thousand or more people line the streets of the parade route and see: marching bands, hot-rod cars, lots of horses and civic leaders, beautiful floats, clowns, street sweepers, tons of American flags, and a jet fly-over at the start of the parade.

During a quick trip to get some more ice tea, I saw 40-50 horses riding thru town. Riding them were sheriffs and local officials of Greeley. I suppose it was to kick-off the Greeley Independence Stampede. I read that the Independence Stampede is losing money, and has done so for the last three years. I wish them well and hope they have a great turn-out this year.

Today for my algorithms class, day 2, there was a young guy, really smart; however, he was not as good of a lecturer as the day one professor. He just lectured on the math of algorithms, most of it was over my head, but I understand that mathematics plays an important role in developing algorithms – in trying to find out the best solution as far as the time it takes your program to run. I’ll probably continue to watch each day’s lesson. When I was in school, a long time ago, I did not have the chance to take an algorithm class. I know algorithms and data structures play an import role in programming, so I think it is good to have some sort of understanding about them.

The tomato wars are back. During the 1980’s and 90’s, Twin Lakes was the site of Colorado tomato wars. People would throw tomatoes at each other and get all covered in tomato juice. The wars were stopped in the early 1990’s due to some legal requirements. I remember driving by the 1987 war in Twin Lakes, they were really going at it. They’ve been brought back to Copper Mountain, Colorado. They will have a tomato fight this Saturday. There is a charge of $39 to participate in the days activities.

How about the Colorado Rockies. After starting out the season in the top spot in their division, they are now in third place, three and a half games behind the San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks. If they can get some consistent pitching, and some good batting they may work their way back into first place.

I just got done applying at a work-at-home company. VIPDesk is looking for customer service professionals to service an outdoor audio company. They cater to snowboarders, skiiers, and surfers. The company sells audio products to 18-35 year olds. They sell headphones and things you can wear while participating in one of these ‘action sports’. VIPDesk calls the position a Brand Ambassador. Who knows maybe I’ll get through the application process, which includes a background check. Their background check consists of a credit check and a criminal check. I just recently completed the bankruptcy proceeding so my credit should be fine, and I have no major criminal history.

Have a great day!