Visitors to National Parks

Visitors to Our National Parks need to remember that they are still in wild place, not a Theme park kind of place. The animals are still wild, the terrain can put us in a compromising position, and the weather can change suddenly. Technology from an outdoor store: like a GPS, camera, video recorder, water purifiers… These gadgets are all great for enhancing the ‘outdoor experience’. They are not a substitute for common sense! According to a recent New York times article, a Grand Canyon hiker called emergency services because his water tasted too salty. Technology Leads More Park Visitors Into Trouble

It is good not to rely solely on technology for decision making, but use it as a part of the outdoor experience. In Colorado, a type of rescue insurance is available to the public. An outdoors man or woman can purchase a Search And Rescue card for less than $15. This insurance covers the costs of a rescue, should that event ever be necessary.
Get one here: CORSAR Card Cards are also available at Outdoor stores like REI.

Happy Hiking,