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Aunt Bobbie, The Mighty Flyers

Hello on this Tuesday afternoon. I trust everyone is doing well. This past weekend we had a nice memorial service for my dear Aunt Bobbie. She passed away peacefully on Saturday the 6th. She meant so much to so many people. She was my favorite Aunt. Every time I saw here she always welcomed me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. Every time I saw my dad, he would say “Auntie Bobbie said to tell Greg hi!” She was always thinking about those around her and genuinely cared about others. As a Christian we have the assurance that we will see her again someday in heaven. Aunt Bobbie we thank you for all the great life memories we will always share.

If all goes well, I should be starting a new job on Monday the 22nd. I was hired by the home based worker department of Sykes. I am already familiar with this company, they had a call center in Greeley several years ago. I will be doing customer support for Fantasy Football customers on Yahoo.com. I have three weeks of paid training and then will work up to 39 hours a week based on need. I’ve been really studying all the rules and details, I signed up for play this year and named my team “The Mighty Flyers”. There will be 10 teams in my league, each team has 15 players, 9 of those players will be starters and 6 will be the bench. The team consists of 1 quarterback, 3 wide receivers, 2 running backs, 1 tight end, 1 kicker, 1 defense and special team. In the head-to-head play, I will be going against another team each week of the real NFL season. During that week, however well my players do in real life will determine how well I will do with my Fantasy Football team. If my quarterback gets 2 touchdowns, and my running backs get 3 touchdowns, I will receive points. For example if I draft Arian Foster – a running back from Houston Texans, and he gets 2 touchdowns this weekend in his real life game, then I will get 6 points for each of those touchdowns. So my Fantasy team will consist of the best players from different NFL teams. I am really looking forward to the coming season, both in real life and in the Fantasy Football leagues – Go Broncos!

Until next time – Have a great day.