IMAX, working virtually from home

Hello all. How is everyone doing? Hope you had a restful weekend and are ready for the week ahead. I got my dad a nice card and a tie for Father’s day. He wore it today. He’s already received a compliment on it from one of his co-workers – Helen, she said it looked pretty good on him!

My mom and I drove to the Denver museum of Nature and Science on Sunday to watch an IMAX movie. We saw ‘Born to be Wild’. It was in 3D so we had to wear some 3D glasses. The movie was about orphaned orangutans and elephants. The tropical rain forests are being destroyed and leaving the orangutans with no living environment. The babies are brought to a sanctuary where they are hand fed and raised by a human mother. Then when they are able to fend for themselves they are released into the wild – a protected area with plenty of rain forest for the animals. The baby elephants are similar, usually a poacher kills the mother and the baby would die if it were left to fend for itself in the wild. The movie shows a baby elephant in a herd of bull elephants, usually the babies are found in a herd of female elephants. The wildlife rangers know something is wrong because it is with the males – it’s mother probably killed by poachers. The rangers catch the young elephant and bring it to a refuge where there are other baby elephants to start raising it at the refuge. At first the young elephant is apprehensive towards humans, but after a little fighting he settles down and is ready to be a part of the sanctuary elephant group. Elephants won’t eat if they are not happy, so the workers take them out and play with them all day. Elephants can play soccer and can actually run very well. At night, since baby elephants are never left alone in the wild, they will actually sleep with a human. In their small cabin, the elephant gets the straw floor and the human, a small cot.

The 3D was kind of neat. When the elephants and humans were playing soccer, the ball was kicked towards the camera. Everyone in the audience quickly moved their head so they would not get hit by the ball. There were only a couple of times when this happened. Through out the movie, the 3D makes you feel as if you were right there with the humans, elephants and orangutans.

I had been going through the application process with a home-based customer service company. The company was called Cloud10. They had me take an aptitude and personality test. Those went well. Then they wanted a test result on my computer. My new 64-bit computer did not pass. They said they have tried to make their software work on 64-bit computers but they have not done it yet. So that computer was out of the question. Then I submitted the test results for my 32-bit laptop computer, that did not pass either; because, they do not accept laptop computers. I still think my 64-bit computer would have worked – it can also run 32-bit programs. Anyway, I think working at home would have it’s advantages – no commute, freedom of working independently, take your breaks at home, and so on.

Some of the virtual companies I have had contact with recently include: HigherOne, Talk2Rep, Arise, Cloud10, and Arvixe, to name a few. In the past I have done some work for Tier 3 support, Telvisio, Butler Hill Group, Cha Cha, Amazon Turk worker, Virtual workers are growing in the United States. These American companies hire Americans who speak great English and are able to understand where an English speaking customer is coming from. I am all for it as long as these companies treat us fairly and maintain a standard of work.,, and are some of the websites I’ve used to investigate virtual work. Craigslist has openings in and around Northern Colorado while the other two websites have telecommuting jobs listed.

Just for the fun of it I am going to fill out an application for Liveops ( Here is the message I just got from Liveops: “Unfortunately, LiveOps will not be able to qualify your business at this time since we are not currently qualifying Independent Agents from your state”. So they are not hiring from the state of Colorado right now. I know that some of the virtual companies are only able to hire workers from certain states, probably for some kind of legal reason.